Saturday, October 14, 2006

Alyssa had a hard time falling asleep tonight. Not surprising given we've just returned from a week-long cruise to Mexico where nap-times and bed-times were much less structured than normal. But her explanation for her sleeplessness tonight just about broke my heart: “I want Savannah, mama.” She was in tears missing the sister she doesn’t even yet know. We sat down and prayed with her, explaining that God will bring her to us when the time is exactly right and that God is taking extra special care of her until then. I’m not sure how comforted she was by all of that, but she was willing to smile and go to bed once she had Savannah’s special baby (with dark skin!) in her arms. If nothing else, it was good for me to have to explain it all to her and to hear Dan’s tender prayer about our new daughter. One of these days she’ll be home (in “three weeks” according to Alyssa – the very longest amount of time in her little mind) and all of this will seem like just a moment.


Anonymous said...

Laura,you and Dan are incredible parents! cev

Rachel said...

Alyssa sounds like a wonderful big sister...Savannah will be so lucky. :) The waiting is hard and I will pray for your family that those referral pick up the pace. Take care.

Rachel (Dillon boards)