Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Tet isn’t so bad after all. We were repeatedly warned by our agency that progress on the adoption front would come to a screeching halt for the entire month of February. I’m thrilled to report that they were wrong! Not only has February brought us our log-in date, 2 families received referrals, and several others were given the fabulous news that they will be able to pick up their precious children in just a few short weeks! Of course we’re not waiting for any news in particular – we expect that this next step will take about 6 weeks – but it’s encouraging to hear that work is still being done, and that presumably, our paperwork is moving along too. I’m sure that everything will slow down considerably over the next couple of weeks since Tet officially starts on Sunday, but I’ve also heard that the Vietnamese tend to work harder after the New Year celebration, so maybe it will all cancel itself out. One can hope!
On an unrelated topic (kind of)... Since I don’t have any recent pictures of Reagan, I thought I’d dig through My Pictures and find some photos of our bio kids when they were 3 ½ months old. I imagine Reagan will be significantly smaller, since both Alyssa and Parker were almost twice her size at birth, but it’s fun to think about what that stage looks and acts like and try to imagine what she’s up to these days!


Dianna said...

I love the pictures of little baby toes! Isn't it amazing how much they change (the toes AND the babies!)?

Neil, Amy and The Girls said...

Oh my goodness, I can't believe you just posted that! I was JUST looking through pictures of Hillary Ashton at 3 1/2 months to put on my blog!! Your babies were so beautiful (and still are!). I am really looking forward to getting new pictures of Reagan & Sophie Le!!!

Neil, Amy and The Girls said...
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Rachel said...

Is one picture Parker and one Alyssa?!?! They look like the same baby! lol They are so adorable. They both have those same gorgeous eyes!

I hope you get some updates pictures of cute little Reagan soon :)