Tuesday, April 22, 2008

If they'd only known

Part of the fun of packing is reliving all the memories associated with those items that have been tucked away in closets for the past months or years. Of course, it also increases the time associated with the process, but who can resist flipping through a photo album from old camp counselor days? The other day Alyssa sat down with me and one of her favorite memory books: my "School Days" album. You know, the type where you write down favorites from each year of school, paste copies of those dreaded institutional portraits, and stash dozens of report cards. As I looked through my pre-school progress report, we all got a good laugh over one very prophetic comment. In the margin next to my score from some group activity a teacher had written: "Laura cannot be persuaded into doing anything she does not want to do." If only my parents had known just how insightful that instructor was! My mom thinks it might have been more appropriate to have written "she cannot be pursuaded to do anything she does not see the point in doing" but either way - she was spot on! I appreciate my mom's attempts to soften the truth in my favor, but I'm afraid that I'm still very much the kind of girl that cannot be persuaded into much!


Anonymous said...

I knew I liked you. :) There's nothing wrong with stickin' to your guns.

Rebecca Pierce said...

That's funny! I love imagining the kind of adults my kids will become, and then I realize they'll be really close to the way they are now...I haven't changed that much! I was just posting about Maya Angelou, and I pulled out one of her poetry collections, "I Shall Not be Moved," and then I saw on the inside, a note from my (other) friend Laura that said, "To Rebecca, who cannot be moved either." Funny stuff. I like people like that though!