Monday, March 09, 2009

Teeth and tresses

Alyssa is quite impressed with the new hole in her mouth! I have to agree that a gap on top changes her look so much more than the loss of her bottom teeth did.
You've all wondered just what Parker's eyelashes would look like on a girl, right? Well, Crazy Hair Day at AWANA gave us that opportunity, if even just for a second. Needless to say, the "itchy" wig didn't last for long.


Anonymous said...

Thath tho cute, Alytha! You are tho brave! And, Parker, I like your real hair--when you look just like Dad--but isn't it fun to have a crazy hair day!! Love, Gaga

Anonymous said...

You have a beautiful and loving family. Your family is a good example of what the Lord has in mind for all of us. You and Danny set the bar high. I enjoy looking at your site.
John Spaid

Amy said...

Okay it must be crazy hair everywhere. We have it tomorrow night, but neither of my boys would be brave enough for a wig. Cute.