Sunday, April 19, 2009

Following Daddy down memory lane

Danny's favorite hot dog comes from a dive called Cupid's. It's housed within a time-worn hut, set on a parking lot adorned with only a few concrete tables and rusted-out umbrellas. Since it's adjacent to Danny's alma matter and childhood home, he has fond memories of downing a few in between classes or after a long day of yardwork. I'm convinced that it's appeal comes more from the nostalgia than the cuisine. Hot dogs in general are not at the top of my list, but ones doused in runny chili and prepared in conditions of questionable cleanliness are quite near the bottom. To my dismay, however, it seems that Alyssa and Parker are taking their Daddy's side on this one. Take a look at their faces after their first Cupid's dogs and tell me what you think:

And just a bonus shot for you of our Parker Monkey cause he's just so darn cute! Stay tuned for pictures of my brand-new neice, scheduled to appear tomorrow!

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