Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Five years ago tonight, I was sitting in a hospital bed waiting for the birth of my sweet baby boy. Based on his knowledge of the excruciatingly long labor I endured with Alyssa, my doctor was at home napping. He only barely made it back to the hospital to help us meet Parker at 1:11 a.m. on the 24th. That blessedly short labor was only the first of innumerable ways Parker has brought joy to our lives.
As a baby Parker was truly easy - a great sleeper, quick eater, and basically happy kid. He was a fun toddler - quick to learn to walk and climb, and from the beginning, 100% boy. As a preschooler, Parker easily adopted the role of big brother, becoming Reagan's greatest source of affection and annoyance. Now only weeks away from beginning school, he has made daddy his new favorite and loves nothing more than a date with his papa. Part of me is sad to lose the top spot, but it's so fun to see Parker become more and more like the men I most love and admire. I hope and pray that, like them, Parker will learn to love, serve and enjoy our Savior, and that he will make not only his mama, but also His God, smile.


Dania Efird said...

It was so sad to me and my mom to lose #1 spots from Xavier! He'd definitely much rather be doing something with Papaw or Daddy as opposed to Mom or Nona!

Heather M. said...

OH I am sure God smiles every day just looking at that precious face!!! Happy Birthday!

Caleigh's swimsuit is by Kate Mack. I seem to have a thing for swimsuits!

Heather M.