Saturday, October 16, 2010


I'm still here, but my online time and tasks lately have been significantly limited by a sick computer. The kids' lapbook works fine for e-mail and school games but much too slow for anything else. Thanks to a good friend with far more technical knowledge than me or my favorite man, it's back to full strength and no longer mysteriously redirecting me from benign searches for country music lyrics and bird nail clippers to sites much more graphic and less godly in character. A few of the things that have been keeping us busy around here include....
A three-day cousin/grandparent trip up to a cabin in the Sierras, complete with customized camper tees. Needless to say, the kids came home elated and exhausted, welcomed by a refreshed but lonely mama.
A milestone for Parker. He has learned to tie a bow, first perfected on the apron he uses when "helping" mama in the kitchen.
A little chat with Tinkerbell, who will provide the theme for a much-anticipated approaching birthday party. Rainy days at Disneyland make for blessedly short character-greeting lines.
A little extra proof that the girl is indeed Asian. I thought the socks with sandals thing was cultural, but perhaps it's in the blood.
A particularly fun field trip full of touchable reptiles - one of many activities we've enjoyed with our new homeschool group (which is, in itself, a huge answer to prayer).
And a birthday celebration at the Happiest Place on Earth for a brother who is still a half an earth away (yes, we have a referral!). Though it was strange and sad to be apart from him, we have every confidence that he is being loved and well-cared for in our absence. We hope and pray that we may have him home for Christmas. (More about our new adoption story is here... send me an e-mail at if you'd like the password).

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Anonymous said...

Wow...where have we been the last couple of weeks...or rather--you've all been busy too!!!! LYGBWYSYS Gaga and Papa.