Saturday, April 09, 2011

Magic Shoes

You might not know it just from looking at them, but these "farkly" shoes (that's "sparkly" for those of you that don't speak Reagan) have the power to motivate four year-olds to learn to tie.  Reagan came home from a date with my mom last week with these darling light-up treasures.  The girl was so determined to wear them that she didn't bother waiting for anyone else to form the bow for her: she sat down and did it herself!  Never mind that it took 10 minutes and didn't quite follow conventional methods; by the end, she had two perfect little bows on two perfect little feet.  In the days since, she's gotten quicker, neater, and even more determined to light up our world with her "farkles."


By the Brook said...

Oh she's a darling. The other day Ben said, "You know Mom, Reagan is four, but she's so tiny."

Leigh said...

Oh My! I'm going to have to remember that in a few months. We had such a time getting WB to tie his own shoes. I'm not really a "farkly" fan, but I think I'll give them a try! Thanks for the tip!