Monday, July 25, 2011

I'm back?

So I guess I was on a blogging break.  We didn’t go anywhere, we haven’t done much of anything, and nothing’s wrong.  I guess there’s just something about summer that makes me want to sit down with a good book and a lot of Diet Coke and watch the kids be kids.  All three are very comfortable in the pool, and even though Reagan usually looks like she’s drowning, it’s just that she so badly wants to be able to touch the bottom and keeps bopping down to pretend like she’s more than 3 feet tall.  No one even asks me to swim anymore so I really do get a break when they’re in the water.  In the evenings, which have been remarkably pleasant due to our rather mild summer weather (sorry to all of you in the East!), we’ve been doing a lot of bike riding.  By “we,” I do of course mean “them.”  Aside from helping Reagan perfect her training-wheel-less skills and nursing the occasional scrape, I’ve been free to immerse myself in thousands of pages of Christian novel goodness (with some real meat thrown in for actual growth).  On the weekends we’ve had oodles of guests, which reflect one the things I love most about our home:   We have plenty of room to host people for dinner or overnight, whether it’s just one guest or 30.  We actually try to not go out of town in the summer, partly to avoid the crowds wherever it is we’re going, but mostly so we can enjoy our friends and family here, where this relaxed, summer pace of life allows us to swim together, roast smores over the fire-pit together, or just sit around talking into the dark.  Blogging just hasn’t seemed all that important.  And as you can see, there hasn’t been that much to blog about.  I haven’t even taken pictures this month!  I hope to get back into blogging with somewhat more regularity, but no promises.  I trust you all are enjoying your summer too and have also been too busy doing nothing to miss me at all!   


Anonymous said...

I DO miss your blog but am glad you're taking a "break.". Although I don't know how you define that word when you keep a lovely home immaculate, host guests continually, keep a family if five clean, ironed, fed and entertained, travel, study, and indulge your parents at their every whim!!! You're amazing!

Unknown said...

Nothing wrong with unplugging a bit over the summer--glad you have been able to kick back a bit!

By the Brook said...

Love reading as always!