Saturday, February 11, 2012

Making laundry a little more fun

It's not that I dislike laundry.  I simply dislike the never-ending nature of it.  Then again, the fact that the "dirty" basket is full before the "clean" basket even gets folded and put away means I have a home full of sweet little dirty-laundry-makers.  For that I am forever grateful!  And after a fun weekend project (last weekend - you didn't really expect me to prompt updating the blog did you?), I now have a more pleasant place in which to do all of that sorting, pre-treating, transferring, hanging, folding, ironing and steaming.  It's still ultimately a glorified closet, but it now feels a little more like a room.  All it took was a little paint (leftover from two houses ago... not sure why we were still hanging on to that can),  a hand-me-down mirror that's been hanging out in our garage for three years waiting for the perfect home, a Malawian trash basket rescued from a hidden existence underneath our desk, a cracker jar from a birthday party, and a new curtain from Cost Plus that I'd been admiring for a while.  Total cost?  $35 for the curtain and rod and a few hours sacrificing brain cells to paint fumes.  Small price to make this constant chore a little less of well... a chore!

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