Monday, January 15, 2007

One more reason we love where we live! These pictures were taken a couple of weeks ago, but even though it's now cold by southern California standards, it is still warm enough to play outside without a snowsuit. We're also only 4 hours away from our favorite world-class ski resort, Mammoth, so don't think we're cheating our children by keeping them away from snow! My heart goes out to all you blog-friends who are suffering through such extreme weather... I will appreciate my hassle-free drive to Target today even more because of you.


clyde said...

you know, our pipes froze yesterday! and it felt like we needed a snowsuit... but then it became a nice breeze sunny 60. it's nice to live in california.

Anonymous said...

Here I am in France, next to the Alps, and we have NO SNOW!! Boo hoo!! We're getting a little worried about the youth group's ski camp in a few weeks. Hmmm, mud camp, anyone?