Saturday, June 09, 2007

Home two weeks

I now understand why blogging really drops off after your children are home. It’s not that three is so much busier than two, but that I’m now busy with normal kid stuff. I’m no longer obsessing about the adoption. I feel more normal. I’m not so dependent on the adoption support group that is blogging, forums, and other adoptive moms’ blogs. I’m no longer trying to calculate time frames and make guesses about G&R dates. Life is now more about things like feeding schedules, sick kids, laundry, car seat aversions… things that all moms can relate to. Plus, Dan is home, and we’re just too busy having fun when he’s around for me to spend much time on the computer. So instead of another long post about bonding, etc, here are just a few pictures of the last few days.
We got Reagan’s ears pierced on Thursday, and before you think I’m a terrible mother, she only cried for a moment and was her normal happy self before we even left the store. She’s been a trooper through all of the blood work we’ve had done this week too! Of course we’re only on stick number 2 of probably 5 trips to the lab since there are so many tests to be run and she has such tiny slow veins. Next week might be a different story!

About the only time we get a real sense of Reagan’s lung capacity is on the occasional long car ride when she finally decides that she has had enough of being restrained. This is Parker’s solution to the problem:
He is proving to be a very thoughtful (and inventive!) big brother. He and Alyssa regularly discuss whose turn it is to sit next to Reagan in the car and are eager to distract and entertain her anytime she might be sad. We are so blessed!

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Willis said...

I enjoyed following your journey to Vietnam. Reagan is so sweet; I'm glad you are back in the normal swing of things!

Heather in SC (Rocco's mom)