Wednesday, June 20, 2007

A letter from the President

No matter your opinion of George W. Bush (I personally am a fan), you have to love this letter that accompanied Reagan’s certificate of citizenship. It brought tears to my eyes and Dan’s…

Dear Fellow American:

I am pleased to congratulate you on becoming a United States citizen. You are now a part of a great and Blessed Nation. I know your family and friends are proud of you on this special day.

Americans are united across the generations by grand and enduring ideals. The grandest of these ideals is an unfolding promise that everyone belongs, that everyone deserves a chance, and that no insignificant person was ever born. Our country has never been united by blood or birth or soil. We are bound by principles that move us beyond our backgrounds, lift us above our interests, and teach us what it means to be citizens. Every citizen must uphold these principles. And every new citizen, by embracing these ideals, makes our country more, not less, American.

As you begin to participate fully in our democracy, remember that what you do is as important as anything government does. I ask you to serve your new Nation, beginning with your neighbor. I ask you to be citizens building communities of service and a Nation of character. Americans are generous and strong and decent not because we believe in ourselves, but because we hold beliefs beyond ourselves. When this spirit of citizenship is missing, no government program can replace it. When this spirit is present, no wrong can stand against it.

Welcome to the joy, responsibility, and freedom of American citizenship. God bless you, and God bless America.

George W. Bush


Dan and Elisabeth said...

Wasn't it fun to get the letter and Certificate with their picture! We also loved that it was addressed to Noah on the envelope. :) We definately have the CUTEST new American citizens. :)

LaLa said...

I know..I loved receiving ours too. Now I am all nervous b/c you have to send in their ORIGINAL Cert of Cit to get a passport...grrrrr

S. said...

I have to admit I am *not* a fan of Bush, but when my husband received that letter when he became a citizen, it also brought tears to both of our eyes! It was a great moment, and he is very proud to be an American!

Cindy said...

That is pretty great! Charges me up for the 4th of July! And I think George can some things prefectly right, like when to sacrifice and when not to. Grown men sacrifice, babies do not. Sorry if that's too political. You can erase this if you like.