Tuesday, October 07, 2008

The box says it all

Pizza, IMHO, is perhaps the world's perfect food, and Round Table makes the best. Their pie is the ideal combination of crispy and soft, spicy and sweet, creamy and greasy. Accompanied by a large Diet Coke I can think of no other taste I enjoy - or crave - more. Much of my childhood chubbiness could probably be blamed on King Aurthur's pizza joint (or maybe it was my aversion to physical activity) and it's remarkable I didn't gain weight in college considering my regular Tuesday trips for a pepperoni and olive fix. Fortunately for my slowing metabolism, but unfortunately for my taste buds, the nearest Round Table is now 20 minutes away. It's situated in a dive of a shopping center, and though recently remodeled, retains enough of its original elements to keep Danny far far away. That is until he offered to take me wherever I wanted to celebrate our anniversary. No Lawry's or Ruth's Chris for me! I want pizza, and truly "unbelievable" pizza I got!


Leigh said...

I totally agree...best, most perfect food ever!!! Being an Okie, I don't know Round Table, but if you're ever in our parts, you gotta try Hideaway! Yum!!!

Happy Anniversary!

clyde said...

Happy Anniversary L&D! There's a pizza place called Lamppost that Lisa and I are kind of obsessed about. If you go in there it seems more like a Saturday afternoon post sports place to go, so it isn't pretty but the pizza is amazing.

Laina Diane said...

Happy Anniversary!
You are easy to please! Costco for VDay and pizza for your anniversary? Danny is a lucky guy! Well, let's be honest. He's fortunate in more ways than one having you as a wife.