Friday, October 03, 2008

NOT Home Before Dark

Danny and I are really quite boring homebodies. We frequently have the opportunity to go on dates but somehow usually make it home long before the sun goes down. Before we were married we managed to stay out late, but that was because we were busy doing wild and crazy things like sitting and talking in coffee shops and going to movies. Now we prefer to talk on our comfy couch or in the spa, and we enjoy Tivo much more than most flicks.
Last night was an exception to our daylight-hours-only rule. For Danny's recent birthday my parents gave him tickets to see Neil Diamond, for the ironically titled tour "Home Before Dark." The scary part is that he was thrilled, as they knew he would be! Most of his favorite performers are old enough to be his parents, or even grandparents in this case. I managed to dodge the last Barry Manilow concert he attended thanks to a timely case of mono, but this time I was stuck, and believe it or not, we both had a really good time!
A good 50% of the entertainment value for me was in watching my husband. He's very enthusiastic in his appreciation of most things and seeing him dance and laugh and sing along is akin to riding the Winnie the Pooh ride with the kids - even if the show isn't up your alley, it's fun to rejoice with those who are rejoicing.
Another 25% we'll give to our drunken dancing neighbors. If there isn't something already inherently sad about 40- and 50- and 60-somethings dressed to the hilt, gyrating and screaming the words to love songs older than me, add unlimited alcohol and it gets even sadder. To be fair, there were many very friendly, cute, sober older couples around us, but they were balanced by the "gentleman" on my left who had enough beer left over to spill some on my feet twice and the men on our right who couldn't seem to keep their hands off of one another. So maybe we'll knock that 25% down to 10 and give the extra points to the venue. Aside from the traditionally nightmarish parking, which we were able to avoid by walking farther than most of our fellow revelers were willing, or maybe able, the Hollywood Bowl is fun no matter who is on stage. Where else can you sit outside in a natural amphitheater in October wearing short sleeves and sandals, eating your own picnic (Cheesecake Factory cheesecake and Coke Zero!), listening to world-class musicians late into the night?
The final entertainment points we'll give to the man himself. He's got to be well into his 70s but he can still put on a show. Though I only recognized a few of the songs, I never got bored in the 2+ hours (no intermission) he was on stage. The band was equally old, but just as talented and energetic - I just don't understand what motivates them to keep going after all these years. Do they really still need the money? Or the glory? But is there really that much fame to go around for the accordion player? Or the guy who still plays the world's first synthesizer? Perhaps they just really love it. Either way, Danny and I were both entertained... along with all of our friends who comprised the only line I've ever seen specifically formed for the handicapped bathroom stalls.


Anonymous said...

Kathie and I enjoyed the concert last night as well but I must say we didn't see nearly as many "old people" as you did. Perhaps that's because our first date was his "Hot August Night" concert some 35+ years ago. FYI, Neil is 67 years old.

The former 9Y130

Anonymous said...

That was a fun post! I'm glad you had fun more memory!

M or J said...

Okay, you had me laughing out loud on this one! Just the fact that Danny likes Neil Diamond made me laugh so hard. I would have never pictured a tough cop liking him...but Danny is such a goof that it makes a little sense (in a good way:)). Then your description of the people around you was hilarious! You really described it well...thanks for all the laughs!

Rebecca Pierce said...

Chris, who is very limited in his music appreciation, has shocked me with a recent love for ND because of his new single, Amazing Grace. He loves that song. Anyway, I'd love to see that show, but it was already here.

Jenny M. said...

Where was the camera for pictures on this post??? Your description did make for good mental pics tho. I do know of Dan and his love of the Diamond. Ask him about the time he saw my mom at a Neil show...or maybe that was BARRY...hahahah...he kills me!

Anonymous said...

Laura, great word pictures! Mom and I are thrilled to hear you both enjoyed yourselves together. Love Dad