Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Rain! (kind of)

I am a Seattleite by birth, though quickly becoming a Southern Californian at heart. The little bit of the northwest that is in me loves the rain! But the valley girl in me loves it L.A. style - all at once, and just for a day or two. Rain here is an event, while rain in Seattle is a way of life. I prefer the event: the way everyone goes scrambling for an umbrella for the slightest little sprinkle, the fact that restaurants and shops clear out so that patrons can go cuddle up next to the fire (never mind that it's probably still 70 degrees), and, because I have a four-year-old boy, the puddle stomping that inevitably follows. Yesterday was such an event. I'm not sure if the precipitation was measurable, and it still didn't dip below 80, but we had rain! Or at least we did at Target. Parker is still convinced that it simply doesn't rain at our new home. By the time we got back from errands, all traces of dampness were gone and he announced "it never rains here mama". I hope he's wrong, I keep assuring him that he's wrong, but in the four months since we've moved in, the sky has yet to prove me right!


Rebecca Pierce said...

I'd fight you and try to talk you into being a NW girl still if it weren't so downright miserable when the rain starts and doesn't stop. I'm a california girl at heart too...who isn't!? I love sun, and I'd love to see the rain so infrequently that I got excited to see it. We are still enjoying warm, sunny, outdoor days, but the rain is looming, due to hit Thursday I believe, and that NW girl in me fears it will be the beginning of no sun for many months. I hope I'm wrong!

cupfar said...

Ha! I have to agree with you - yesterday was some funky weather in SoCal! I woke up, looked outside our balcony, and it was just filthy looking! Like the quiet before a storm... then today was super hot! :P Funny Cali weather, can never tell what we will get week to week!