Monday, September 15, 2008

A little nostalgia

Last week my parents sent us home with a box of Leogs from my childhood. When Parker woke up a little sick Saturday morning, we decided to construct The Castle. Not just any castle, but the set I spent weeks, maybe months, constructing as a kid. Back then I agonized over the thing. It really bothered me that I couldn't get the drawbridge to "draw" properly. I substituted pieces all over the place because I didn't quite grasp the importance of using exactly the right block at exactly the right time. I never did figure out how to make the fortress open up to actually be able to play with it. In fact, I spent so much time on construction that upon completion I insisted that it be placed high on a shelf so no one would ever be able break it. Consequently, I never played with it either - I'm sure there's a spiritual lesson there somewhere! The only noticable sign of wear is that a number of pieces are discolored from where the sun hit it as it sat upon its inaccessible perch.
So imagine my suprise when the building was complete long before lunch on Saturday! It must have been all the "help" from my son. We only had to cannibalize the space ship a little, and both the drawbridge and gate actually go up! I suppose that's what another 20 years of Lego experience can do for you. Once again The Castle is sitting on a moderately high shelf to prevent a certain almost-two-year-old from eating it, but the four- and five-year-old are having a great time playing with this toy!


clyde said...

this is so awesome. i'm glad my parents kept some of my old legos.

if it took that long i think i'd treasure it too.

Leigh said...

WB would be soo jealous. His mom was never cool enough to play with Legos. (Actually, I'm probably just too old!)

On the other hand, I won't possibly have the space to "keep" all of his Legos until he grows up. If you're missing a specific piece...we, no doubt, have 20 to spare.

Anonymous said...

I have this exact same castle!! And yes, all the parts are present and accounted for.

Dania Efird said...

OH how we love legos at our house. Xavier can finally do them by himself but he's not careful with them at all! We find legos everywhere!

Rebekah said...

Oh,'ve just begun the journey we are further along. I just spent 3 DAYS trying to organize my son's legos. So many pieces......But they so enjoy them!