Saturday, September 06, 2008

A Big Day!

Parker has been dying to ride Disneyland's "Big Thunder Mountain Railroad Tracks" since he was old enough to notice what a train was. Every time we go to our favorite park we measure him, an event usually followed by greater or lesser feelings of disappointment and distress. The boy has learned to cope - even with the sad news at the beginning of the summer that he was finally tall enough, but that the ride was closed for the day. But Thursday was different. Thursday he was officially 40 inches AND the train was running! I only wish I had a photo of the jumping and shouting that followed the measure documented below. And yes, the ride was every bit as wonderful as he had hoped. So wonderful that he rode twice in a row!
January 2007

September 2008


Anonymous said...

Oh Happy Day!! May we all remember to be excited over the small victories in life!!

Love, Gaga

LaLa said...

What a wonderful thing that you documented it!

Anonymous said...

I love it!!!!

Tilly said...

I'm SO glad that you had the "Happy" picture....because just seeing the "sad" one....would have surely made me cry....he is TOO adorable...and I am NOT biased....truly I am NOT!!!!
I LOVE you Parker...and we rejoice in your victory!!!!
Love, Tilly