Monday, September 22, 2008

1 x a Mom

On Saturday we had plans to go to the beach with students from our college ministry at church. They actually camped Friday and Saturday nights, but we're just not that adventurous... how old we've become just 9 years out of college! Reagan already had reservations at Camp Grandma, and when Alyssa woke up with a fever she joined that party too, which left us with only Parker! As much as I love being mom to three, being mom to just one is fun once in a while. The feeling of relative freedom is suprising considering how much one child dominates your attention when you have only one. We were able to give Parker so much of our time while still enjoying fellowship with the students who graciously made him the center of the sand-castle building, frisbee throwing, dolphin watching, hiking and wave chasing. He was in heaven! I guess heaven was a bit of a drain on his energy though because by the time we got back in the car (before 6 pm mind you) he was out cold. We all enjoyed our day as a family of 3... and the girls had a blast with grandma too, even in spite of the illness.


Kirra said...

How fun to just get some time with Parker! Where did the college group go camping?! It looks gorgeous! Man, I sure do miss California, the ocean, and the sunshine!

Leigh said...

Lucky Parker! I love the pictures...beautiful backdrop!

Anonymous said...

What a special memory for Parker--and for me too--thank you for sharing your girls for the day!! I still have to pinch myself every time we are able to spend time with our grandbabies--what a blessing they are in our lives (oh, hes--Mom and Dad too!!).

Elizabeth said...

"The feeling of relative freedom is surprising considering how much one child dominates your attention when you have only one."

It's thoughts like this one from moms that have more than one child that give me the courage to think it might actually be possible to do motherhood justice with two or more children. Most days, though, I can't imagine what ever made me think I'd be a candidate for more than two or three kids.

That said, if there's one thing I HAVE learned it is that I really have no say over our "family planning." And God just might envision me with more and younger children than I think I could handle...just as He didn't envision me as a mom when I was 24 or even 30. But His plans were so infinitely better than mine and I am now rambling so I'll sign off.

Just wanted you to know that I do still check in from time to time.