Wednesday, September 03, 2008

The coolest gadget!

For those blog addicts out there (Leigh Booth, I'm talking about you)... I've discovered a fun new time saver: Blogger now has a way to list your links based in order of those most recently updated. Maybe this is something that's been available for a while and I'm just now figuring it out (altogther possible - I'm not that techno-savvy!), but in case it really is new, I'm here to fill you in. My list of adoption blogs in particular has grown quite long and rarely do I have time to check each and every one. Some update only occasionally, while others are more faithful, and then there are those that haven't had anything to say in months, and just when you're about to delete the link they chime in! I think I'm going to like this format, but I've left the links the old way down at the bottom. Let me know what you think and I'll eventually delete one or the other. The only downside is that the new list won't accept feeds from private blogs. So, if you are a frequent private blogger and find yourself why down at the bottom, that's why. If anyone knows a way around that bug, please fill me in!


Leigh said...

Perfect solution! Problem solved! (I actually saw that was coming when I started a new "test" blog...I'm so afraid I'll distroy mine with all the tinkering I'm doing! LOL!)

Thanks for sharing!

Rebecca Pierce said...

I use google reader, and I'm happy with it, but I have to check private blogs separately. It's an annoying glitch.