Saturday, February 14, 2009

4th Photo

I've been tagged by my friend Jenny, and since I happen to like the 4th photo in my 4th folder, here it is! I'm sure most of you have done this by now, but if not, consider yourself tagged.
This was taken just moments after we met Reagan for the first time, steps away from the little room where she spent the first six months of her life. Look at how calm and sweet she is! And notice (or don't!) how frizzy my hair is. The akward hold is a function of my inexperience in holding babies wearing no diaper. I quickly overcame my trepedation over being peed on, and though I was rewarded with cuddles I paid the price in wet clothing. The joy of that day now pales in comparison to really knowing the girl in those photos. I'm still amazed at the ease with which she bonded to us, and especially amazed at her transformation since then into a girl who is in every sense our daughter. God is so good!


Rebecca Pierce said...

What a darling picture of a beautiful moment!

Lisa Spence said...

I love that picture--just beautiful! What a good God!

Anonymous said...

A moment we will treasure always!