Sunday, February 15, 2009

Potty Dance

A very short-lived illness forced Parker and I onto the couch for most of yesterday morning. He absorbed all of the cartoons his little mind could handle, pausing only to refill a bowl with his breakfast, and I got to cuddle him while listening to church on headset. It's not quite the same as fellowshiping with the saints in person, but since sickness is one of the only things that can get Parker to sit still long enough for me to really love on him, I certainly couldn't complain. Even when the service was over and the kid shows deteriorated from mildly entertaining to barely tolerable. However, one of the less-desirable programs redeemed itself with one hilarious commercial. Or maybe it's only funny to those near to that fun stage of childhood called "potty training." Danny didn't find quite as much joy in this video as I do, but since many of you are or have recently been in the same boat, maybe you'll get a laugh too. So try out the Potty Dance. (And if you have an even better version you can enter their contest to win a $5000 room make-over.) Fun stuff!

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