Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My Charges

Papa and Tilly took the oldest grandchildren on the 2nd annual cousins camping trip this week (pictures and I'm sure some good stories to come!). Alyssa and Parker were overcome with excitement, but couldn't bear to leave their precious wildlife without a caretaker. So here I am left to cuddle with Parker's Monkey, Alyssa's Lambie, Petty Jane, Pandy, and enough other creatures to fill my side of the bed and Danny's. And of course, the world's cutest little baby girl.

Notice the box bed and sock blankie - all Parker's doing for his favorite friend. The boy is as tender as he is tough.

Alyssa's collection. If she asks, they were tenderly cradled all night long.

This girl cracks me up! It's been such a joy to hang out with just her, listening to her talk without constant interjections by her siblings. We are blessed!

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Anonymous said...

...and probably the first time she's ever had the bathtub to herself. All so cute.