Sunday, July 19, 2009

Roar 'n Snore

While not quite the same as a real African safari, spending the night at San Diego's Wild Animal Park ranks right up there among cool things to do -- especially if you're 5 and not in the mood for 40 hours on a plane. Danny and my dad took all three kids there yesterday for what Alyssa called "the biggest day of my life." Reagan was impressed by the baby elephants which were apparently just about her size. I guess she's right if we're talking height (2 1/2 feet), but is just a little off on the weight (24 pounds vs. 250). Aly was actually brave enough to feed the Lorakeets this time and didn't cower at the lions quite the way her little sister did. And Parker was just simply in his element. He loves animals of all shapes and sizes, and walked around with his "nock-le-ers" glued to his eyeballs. As you can see, Parker and his papa are two peas in a pod. They're now sleeping quite soundly thanks to the roar part of the Roar 'n Snore experience. Lions wake up with the sun, and so do little ones sleeping next door.


Anonymous said...

Speaking from experience, it could have been the "snore" part of the night that hindered Parker's sleeping more than the roar!! Would love to have been a fly on the wall, as it sounds like it was a great time for all.

Anonymous said...

What a fun experience! I'm glad everyone had a fun time.

Mom Linda said...

Hilarious pictures of Parker and his grandpa!