Sunday, September 20, 2009


So I have a number of oddities. Just ask Danny, I'm sure he could give you a long list of things that are weird about his wife. But perhaps the peeve he enjoys torturing me about most is my utter abhorrence of peach fuzz. Love the flavor of peaches... hate (yes, I'm using the word hate) the fuzz. Just thinking about that strange, almost velvety covering makes goosebumps run up and down my arms. If I actually touch it (or rather, if those who claim to love me succeed in rubbing it against my skin), the goosebumps make their way up my neck and down my legs. Think fingernails down a chalkboard times 100. As is clear from the photos of a recent trip to a peach orchard, my children have not inherited my fear and happily chow down on all things peachy-flavored. But the God who created peach fuzz and my peculiar phobia also graciously created nectarines. Praise God for nectarines!


Jenny M. said...

Praise God for nectarines! I'll each peach anything, but the fuzz kinda weirds me out too :)

Anonymous said...

Wow...never knew that. For sure I am going to secretly bring a peach over and rub you with the fuz.


Alison said...

Cute! And Yum! (fuzz and all, sorry!)
Found you bloghopping this morning- enjoy those kiddos, they look so sweet!