Sunday, September 27, 2009

Daddy's boy

My dad didn't have a boy. Raised as the youngest in a family of sisters, and blessed with only two daughters, he is certainly not afraid to wear pink. But he is a masculine man with masculine interests. He had no other male in the family with whom to share his love of sports, so I became Daddy's little boy. I wouldn't characterize myself as a tom boy at all, but my dad succeeded in instilling me with a great appreciation for sporting events. Somewhere in a box in the garage are scorecards from the multitude of Seattle Mariner games we attended together. My mom and sister enjoyed the food and the chatting more than the action, but I meticulously recorded each and every out. Me and Dave Valle... fast friends.
When the Kingdome wasn't buzzing, my dad and I cheered on the Everett Aquasox AAA baseball team, the Seattle Supersonics, and most every sport played by a University of Washington Husky: women's basketball, men's basketball, women's volleyball, and my favorite, men's football.
The latter developed into a love for all college football. Danny routinely brags about the days he'll come home to find our Tivo filled with random games I've watched and saved for him to enjoy. As long as it's a good game, I can be entertained by any team from Purdue to Fresno State. My parents' birthday present to Danny then was every bit as fun for me as it was for him: tickets to the USC game. And not just any tickets, but 5th row, 35 yard line. Definitely a step up in my book from last year's gift!

I still carry some devotion to my UW Huskies, so this is the hat I had hoped to wear:

But last week's huge upset of USC, coupled with the fact that their opponent this Saturday was UW's biggest cross-state rival led me to choose this one instead:

Justify Full

Danny thought it might be the better option if I hoped to avoid being mugged. Either way, we had a wonderful time, the home team won, and Danny's entrance into his mid-thirties was significantly eased.


By the Brook said...

Happy Birthday Danny! Bied hopes to take me to my first football game while we're there too.

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