Monday, October 05, 2009

If ever your patriotism tank starts running low...

go to an air show!

Danny's been doing a great job lately of planning fun family outings - usually something he's wanted to do but needed the kids for an excuse. Whatever the motivation, we've all had a good time! This week was a trip south for the military air show at the Marine Corps Air Station Miramar. Through some connections I still don't fully understand, we got to sit with the families of the Blue Angels and had a front row center view of everything. I don't think our kids fully appreciated the privilege, but Danny and I certainly did. They were impressed by the loud jets (and grateful for the ear protection), paratroopers, tanks and helicopters, and especially excited about getting to climb up on them. I was impressed by the excellence of execution and the technology, but was also struck by the sense of pride among the military personnel and their kind respect towards all of their giddy, and probably overwhelming, guests. I also became convinced that it most certainly must have been young men that thought up most of the maneuvers. No woman or mature male in their right mind would have considered attempting any of them!

(that's two planes people!)

(Alyssa in a goofy moment)

(Parker listening intently to instructions about how to fire this Marine's weapon)


Anonymous said...

Ok just got caught up on your blog and as always I love reading your family happenings! The picture of the girls with their ear phones is cute!

Anonymous said...

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