Tuesday, October 13, 2009


It's a bit of a novelty around here. Parker actually wondered aloud if we can drink rain. I suppose we need a lesson or two on the water cycle! Alyssa, Parker and Reagan were all too happy to slosh around in the backyard after dinner tonight, filling up their new rainboots with all the water they could stomp. My little point-n-shoot did it's best to keep up, as my favorite toy is getting ready to leave on a grand adventure with my parents. Methinks it will be rather glad to capture images of real wildlife for a change after months of shooting only these monkeys!


Anonymous said...

Wow!! It's almost the same experience you enjoyed when we saw the sun in Seattle!! Thanks for the camera!!

Jenny M. said...

too cute! your parents take the most amazing trips, so happy for them!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mom! I like that picture of me! Looks cute!! Love you. Thanks for the new rainboots! Love, Alyssa