Monday, November 02, 2009

Dancing, riding, and crashing

Despite my best efforts at a "themed" costume ensemble this year, we ended up with two ballerinas and a cowboy on his ride. They looked pretty adorable IMHO and had a blast collecting what actually ended up being a reasonable amount of candy at a non-ghoulish harvest festival. Parker, however, apparently regretted missing the opportunity to get his face painted. Last night he remedied that with his own shades of black, blue and purple thanks to a close-up with a wooden chair. This one's for you Mom!


Stacia Almeida said...

Hi Laura! I love the costumes! Mason would have loved Parkers, he's totally into horses right now, he goes around all day riding a pillow and clicking his tongue to make the giddy up sound! You're girls are adorable too!! Hope things are well!

Anonymous said...

Laura your three are just too cute! The horse is a perfect match with two beautiful ballerinas. :)