Wednesday, November 25, 2009


As promised, here's our little Thanksgiving tree. More of a tumbleweed really, but it works! The kids were really quite creative, sweet and faithful in acknowledging all the different things they were thankful for. I think they would have written down each others' names each and every day had I not reminded them that they'd already done so. They challenged Danny and I to be grateful for the little things (we each had a color too) and to cherish the gift God has given us in our family.

Alyssa's list included her cousins, Disneyland, and (Mama's girl that she is) ice cream, doughnuts, candy and a general "food!"

Parker's leaves are easily identifiable not just by the orange color, but by his gratitude for all things boy: worms, guns and his frog. Then his softer side identified Gaga and Papa (my parents), Papa and Tilly (Danny's parents), and even his Mama and Daddy.

Our little one was especially grateful for her Dora cups - they got mentioned at least a half-dozen times! But Reagan also thanked God for gum, her favorite toys (camera, flashlight, and stuffed animals), and Cubbies.

We are so blessed by these three, and by the God Who graciously entrusted them to us! Happy Thanksgiving all!


Anonymous said...

And the blessing is tripled for us!!

Anonymous said...

What a great idea! I hope your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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