Wednesday, December 02, 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

* Our "real" fake tree - the one we put our gifts under that stands in the front living room window. It matches (thanks to my OCD) and showcases the Margaret Furlong collection some dear friends started for me as a child. Gifts I didn't necessarily appreciate then, but cherish now.

* Danny's childhood train set, which finally has tracks. I think he's every bit excited as about it as the kids are.

* Santa's bells on the front door to welcome guests and the big elf (who our kids happen to know is really "Daddy Clause").

* The true reason for the season.

* The wreath that satisfies both my need for the smell of Christmas and for the ease of fake, pre-lit trees that don't become a fire hazard inside the first week.

* Our non-toxic "mistletoe" that, again, doesn't die.
* Grandma's beautiful (and sadly, rather dusty) chandelier.

* Our "kid" tree, which hosts all the other miscellaneous ornaments that we've collected and made. It's not quite as pretty but has lots of personality and memories.

So that's our house at Christmastime!


Anonymous said...

Perfect combination!! And great photography!! Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

I see your camera is back! Great pics.