Wednesday, December 23, 2009

What I've been up to

Enjoying our Southern California weather. I can't say it exactly feels like Christmas, but we actually broke out our coats this week! I suppose there aren't too many places where you throw Christmas lights over still-blooming rose bushes.

Fudge... my favorite Christmas-time treat. I finally got it made after first discovering my candy thermometer was missing, making a special trip to Target for a new one, starting a batch, finding the new thermometer to be broken, and ultimately having to rely on my good old kitchen timer and my own two eyes. It's not perfect, but smooth enough for me.

Carmel Corn... Danny's favorite Christmas-time treat. I finally got this made after making one special trip to our favorite store for the brown sugar I had been sure was already in our pantry, only to find the popcorn said pantry had gone bad, requiring a second trip for the kernels. Baking was just not my friend this year!

Wrapping... also not my friend. I always underestimate how much time it will take, but love the end result. It looks so pretty, and makes Christmas morning so much more fun than paper bags would be.

Christmas is almost here! Yeah!

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Lisa said...

Love the picture of the rose with the CHristmas lights! Merry Christmas!!