Tuesday, May 04, 2010

A whole new head of hair

So I've never really been the kind of girl that requires a lot of professional grooming. The only manicure I've ever had was for my wedding. Pedicures only happen a few times a summer, and only when I've received a gift card. I've never had a facial or had anything waxed. My hair was professionally cut in 2nd grade (when I somehow thought it would be a good idea to lop off my beautiful locks in favor of something resembling a small salad bowl), and then not again until I think my junior year in college.
Fortunately for me, my sister decided cosmetology was the road for her and Sarah has since become a talented hair stylist. Unfortunately for her, I'm a terrible client. I love the way she cuts my hair. I love the color. I usually just show up, relax, and allow myself to be surprised at the result. However, no matter how beautifully it turns out, more often than not my hair ends up in a bun or pony. Especially in the summer when I'm in and out of the pool on at least a daily basis. It's not that I don't like to wear it down - I do (and so does Danny!). It's the time involved that gets me. My hair has just enough curl that I have to dry it completely in order eradicate all frizz. And that can take 20 minutes or more. Vanity often takes a back seat to more exciting things like laundry and school.
However, my ears picked up when Sarah started talking about the Brazilian blow-out. It's a new-ish straightening treatment that infuses hair with keratin, actually making it healthier and banishing frizz for about 6 months. Danny eventually talked me into imposing on my sister's time and expertise, and I have no problem admitting now that he was right! My hair doesn't look much different - it just looks like I've done it! My hair is as soft and straight with a 5 minute blow-dry, or even an air dry, as it previously had been only after a third of an hour under a hot dryer. I feel like a new woman! I can have pretty hair and get to church on time =). Here's what my hair would normally look like on a hot, hurried summer morning:

Here's that same head of hair after I let it air dry a little and then spent 4 minutes with my dryer (a minute or two more and I probably could have managed to get it to curl under):

Isn't my sister wonderful?! If you live around here and fallen into a ponytail rut, go see her and you too can have new hair and oodles of extra time. Thanks Sasa!


Anonymous said...

Great writing sweetie. And very kind. I thought the salad bowl look was cute! Of course I thought dresses that had skirts made with ten yards of tafetta on a chubby 12 year-old were cute too!! But your hair is gorgeous. Yeah Sarah! Love, mom

Kathy said...

Wow! You look great! Are you coming to Vietnam weekend in Tulsa?

Jenny M. said...

looks great! your sis is the best...i miss her cuts!!

Anonymous said...

You're so sweet, thanks for letting me do it ! Jenny I miss cutting your beautiful hair:)

Rebecca Pierce said...

That is a great tip! I would try it, but I recently discovered that my hair is naturally curly! I wash and condition, brush it when the conditioner is on, then get out, towel dry, scruch and I'm DONE! Okay, I guess I do blow dry the roots for body. Anyway, I don't have super curly hair, so it takes some coaxing, but it's soooooo easy, I haven't done my hair straight since! Your hair has always been Pantene beautiful! I liked the salad bowl look too though. Lol.