Thursday, July 22, 2010


No, not me. The bird. The bird that we thought was a male... until he laid an egg. And then another. Apparently Maltby is a girl, and a little mommy in the making at that. Of course, her little eggs aren't going to hatch and we'll have to wait several weeks for her to lose interest in them, but she's making a valiant effort at keeping them warm and safe. Lest you think I'm a bad pet owner, I have tried to make nest-making as easy as possible for our mate-less bird. I've provided little bowls, filler and special food, all upon the advice of the experts at our local bird store. But do you think she wants any of that? Nope. She seems quite content with her little spot on the floor next to her food dish, and has promptly pushed and plucked away any helps I've added to the cage. So there she'll sit, at least until her environment just too filthy to leave undisturbed a moment longer.


By the Brook said...

Oh Wow! Is Maltby your mom's bird? I think I remember you saying that the gorgeous cage was hers? When do the experts say the babies will arrive?

Anonymous said...

Funny bird!! Doing nothing more than what God has gifted her to do, but amazing to us who have seen her as "him" for so long!! Proof she belongs in your home!!!! :~). Love, Mom.