Saturday, November 27, 2010

Was that only 72 hours ago?

Since we received notice of our court date we have purchased plane tickets, packed three weeks worth of clothes, meds and snacks, coordinated the details of our trip, celebrated Thanksgiving (but didn't have to cook - Thanks Mom and Mom T!), finished up Christmas shopping, fought a cold, enjoyed three kids, decorated the interior of the house, hung outdoor lights, put up the tree, and spent a few hours sleeping. Needless to say, we'll be ready to crash when we do get on that plane Sunday night. God has just been so good to sustain us and provide the time and energy to accomplish all that needed to be done. Perhaps even more miraculously, Alyssa, Parker and Reagan think all this running around has been really fun! I think they're for us to move on out so that their grandparents can move on in for a little while. Our plan for now is to return with "brother" on December 2oth so that we can celebrate Christ's birth as a family of six. We hope that's God's plan too! Thanks for all of your prayers on our behalf!


By the Brook said...

See you soon!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lisa Hellier said...

Truly amazing! I'm out of breath just reading your list. Have a trip of safety and blessedness and seeing the Lord's Hand in provision detail after detail. Will be excited to meet "brother" as well when you return home.

Jenny M. said...

So excited for your family...praying for all the details and can't wait for you to be together!!!