Thursday, November 04, 2010

What once was lost has now been found!

Eight years ago I lost track of one of my favorite Bibles. It wasn't my everyday copy so I didn't notice it was gone right away. I looked everywhere I could think to look, but eventually gave up the search and gave up hope. Until a few weeks ago, when I received a facebook message from a girl I went to college with. She noticed my Bible on the lampstand of a friend in Kansas, of all places, and recognized my name. Turns out that this girl in Kansas used to work at our church was given my Bible in the course of her duties there. Since both my name and phone number had changed between the time I received the volume and the time I lost it, and our church has about 10,000 regular attendees, no one was able to find me. Over the years the girl in Kansas had tried to figure out who I was, but eventually gave up and just enjoyed the Bible. Until today, when she was finally able to reunite me with my beloved Book. It arrived in the mail with a sweet letter detailing its journey over the past 8 years. I'm thrilled to have it back, and grateful to the guardian who both cared for it and graciously returned it so many years later.


Nancy @ Ordinary Miracles & The Crazy 10 said...

that is SO wonderful! Wow!
DH had his favorite bible stolen out of his car. Windshield was broken and lots more was gone too. But after a while, he was so ok with the bible being taken , hoping whoever took it, hopefully got some use out of it.

By the Brook said...

That's amazing! Glad you got it back-don't think that kinda thing happens in Africa, ever! Exchanged my camera for brand new one and wore the slip. Didn't have the right shoes to match your gorgeous outfits:( Wore the traveler suit instead! Was probably one of the better dressed too HA HA! Lord willing, we'll see you soon! Lilongwe or LA.

cynthia said...

wow! i'm amazed... i just "happened" upon your blog through the floreens'. so, you're married to "single guy!" very nice. i'm so very touched by your recent trial. may the Lord continue to comfort you as you trust in His sovereignty and compassionate love.