Thursday, March 03, 2011

Fun in Seattle, by Alyssa

Hi, my name is Alyssa, Laura's daughter. For my birthday in November my Gaga and Papa got me a plane ticket to Seattle. This weekend we left. This is who went: my Aunt Sasa, Gaga (my grandma), my mom and I. One of my favorite things we did was going shopping. One of my favorite things I bought was boots for the snow (kinda like Uggs) from Fred Meyer, of course! Now here are some pics we took!

Room service!
Mama's old house
Mama's favorite restaurant - the one our bird is named after
We really liked our sundae


Anonymous said...

What a memory to treasure for me (Gaga)!!!

By the Brook said...

I gather Danny and Brian fared just fine looking after the kids at home.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I know the Maltby Cafe! (Ok, never actually went there, but everyone I knew said it was great and now I'm sorry I missed out on it!) Sigh... you're making me miss my old home sweet home!
Glad you had a fun time - what a great Birthday present!

Anonymous said...

Wow you have pictures of my two favorite things. Room service and flowers. Gaga is teaching you well. I hope you have many more fun girl weekends. Love, Cousin Gail

Annemarue said...

Wow, it looks like you all had a really great time. I especially like the picture of you jumping in the air!

Thank you for sharing your memories with us.


Anonymous said...

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