Sunday, August 07, 2011

Fair Fun

Some of my favorite memories as a kid are from county fairs. Really, does anyone have bad memories from the fair? How can you not have a good time when you're surrounded by fried everything, pony rides, enthusiastic Cutco demonstrators and three week-old beribboned baked goods? We're trying to carry on the tradition with our kids via the "Country Fair with Ocean Air," so Friday we spent the day mutton bustin', stuffing ourselves full of funnel cake, cheering on the racing pigs, and trying to pretend we know a little more about livestock than our children.  

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Lori said...

You guys do such cool things as a family! You'll have tons of memories and great pics to look back on. Oh and thanks so much for spending time with our 'kiddos'! We couldn't be more thrilled with their choice of "mentors". hugs from France!!