Tuesday, October 23, 2007

No more pumpkins

Well, it's a good thing we went to the pumpkin patch when we did. According to reports I've heard, the ranch in the pictures below was one of the still-innumerable locations destroyed by the raging wildfires. Life around here has been pretty crazy since Sunday, as I'm sure you now know from the national news coverage. By God's grace, everyone we know who was evacuated has since returned to their homes unharmed. Now they're just digging out from a pervasive layer of dust and ash. Not too big of a deal, considering the alternative that so many families are dealing with. Please continue to pray for all of those affected, and that God would send a little humidity (dare we say rain?!) and calm winds our way.


Anonymous said...

Oh no! Those pumpkin patch pictures are adorable, I'm so sad to the farm fell victim to the fire. You guys have been in my thoughts a lot lately as I see the numerous reports and articles about the CA fires. What a scary time. Glad to know you and your loved ones are safe!

kimi said...
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Anonymous said...

We have been keeping up with the situation via internet news. Pretty impressive fires! I'm glad you all are okay though. I haven't bought any pumpkins yet to decorate, but got some beautiful mums yesterday. I love fall!!