Saturday, October 20, 2007

The Office

Around here, we’re fans of the quirky, sweet, and increasingly funny show called The Office. You may remember a while back that Dan managed to score a tour of the set with one of the executive producers. Well, said producer invited them back, so yesterday Dan enjoyed one of those famous, entertainment-industry catered lunches with the cast, and sat in on a day of filming. Dan has yet to stop talking about how kind everyone was, and how much work goes into even the simplest of scenes. Stanley quickly became his buddy, leading Dan to the brownies when snack time came around. Phyllis was just as sweet in person as on the show, and both Creed and Toby were happy to chat for a while and pose for pictures. Needless to say, Dan had an incredible time, and I have a feeling we’ll now be watching the show at least three times each week instead of our normal two!


Julie said...

Ok Dan...all I'm gonna say is WHATEVER! (I'm a teeny bit jealous!)

LaLa said...

So jealous here too!!!

Anonymous said...

Nice. Real nice dan. I tell you exactly where they film and let you in on the secret location and you don't even invite me to meet the cast. So hurt. So used. I the word I'm looking for. I hope you had fun. Tell your new BFF Stanley that I said hello.

clyde said...