Friday, August 08, 2008

Beach babies

I am not a beach mama, so these pictures represent a rare concession for the sake of my children, who inexplicably love the sand but seemed a little confused about the purpose of our visit. Reagan seemed to think that the principle fun of the ocean is to sit and suck the cheese off of as many Cheetos as possible. Parker took the responsiblity of chasing the "ski gulls" away from our picnic very seriously. And Alyssa worked very hard to provide a continuous supply of sea water for feet washing and castle building, taking care to never actually touch the Pacific. At the top of my list was a public outdoor shower, plenty of Coke Zero, and a treasured opportunity to just sit and watch my babies play without distraction.


clyde said...

I guess alyssa has been chatting with Shannon
Roehr :)

Tilly said...

I am ALWAYS available to take them ALL to the CALL me....I can provide Reagan with unlimited cheetos (extra cheesy)...make sure that the beach has an abundance of seagulls for Parker...and just be there to thoroughly enjoy watching Alyssa organize the beach, sand, seaweed and her siblings!!!