Sunday, August 31, 2008

Happy teeth

Before: Daddy the "dentist" and assistant Parker
After: a real first grader now, complete with tooth fairy pillow
(okay, I promise no more teeth photos for a while now - Alyssa was much happier to let Daddy tug on the ridiculously loose chomper after I promised an honorable mention here!)


Anonymous said...

That's so cute!
Miss you guys a lot..

Anonymous said...

Oh my how cute! Your teeth pictures are great! How much did the toothfairy leave??

michelle said...

YEAH!!! Congratulations Alyssa!!! I can't believe that you are old enough to have missing teeth!!!
I can't wait to tell Ellie - she will be so excited for you!
Love you!

Tilly said...

Just when we think that you guys can't get any go and loose two teeth...and look even MORE adorable....
How is that possible??????
We love matter how many teeth you've got!!!