Tuesday, January 12, 2010

365 - Fail

**Updated with a link to the recipe for Malva pudding. I'm told it's not as good as "Aunt Judy's" recipe - the one Anita usually uses, but as you'll see it still disappeared. This link will try to discourage you from the full-fat version, but it really does need both the sauce and ice cream! **
So, as is the way with most new year's resolutions, my goal of taking at least one photo a day, every day for a year is already down the drain. I never even dreamed of posting every day as some of you hard-core bloggers out there are doing. I had just hoped to share my favorites through maybe a once-a-week post. Unfortunately, it's only day 12 of the new year and I only have 11 photos for you, taken on only 9 days. Oh well... I resolve to do better next week.

Tell me why it is so hard to get three children to sit down together and smile! And not one of the cheesy ones Alyssa and Reagan have begun manufacturing as of late.

This afternoon when I retrieved Reagan from her nap, I found her favorite forbidden pacifier on the bed beside her. Two key clues led me to believe that it had been in her mouth: (1) it was wet and (2) there was a pacifier-shaped indentation on her cheek, exactly lined up with where it would have pressed into her chub. Unfortunately for her, she still decided to lie about it. Who says we have no sin nature?!

One of Alyssa's favorite playthings, her bitty baby Morgan. Morgan gets a new outfit most every day thanks to the generosity of my mom's cousin Arleen, who decided to "adopt" Alyssa as the granddaughter she never had, and sent her boxes full of American Girl Doll stuff. Trust me, her parents aren't that nice!

And the other extreme: boys who love dirt. One of our dear friends was in the hospital last week, so we got to enjoy two of their kids for four days. Alyssa thoroughly enjoyed sleepovers with Ami, and Parker loved having Bradley to help him dig up worms.


When mama needed a little break from 5 kids, the TV was an amazing distraction.

Isn't Ami beautiful? She's sweet too.

Ring-around-the-rosy is way more fun with friends than an itty-bitty sister!

A non-photo of what feels like a very empty house now that the Christmas decorations are put away.

I think Parker may have inherited a little bit of his mama's neatness neurosis. This is his careful organization of his car collection.

My favorite South-African came for dinner and taught me how to make Malva pudding - the traditional dish Danny fell in love with when she served it to his mission team in Malawi. There's so much cream and butter that it couldn't help but be good! This is what was left over.

My old washing machine on it's way to a good home. It served me well, but I'm thrilled to be able to cut out at least a few loads a week thanks to the amazing capacity of my new one.


Lisa Spence said...

11 or 12--you've got some great shots! What a fun project!

Anonymous said...

How fun to know we'll be seeing lots of pictures. It brightens the te standing in line or sitting in traffic. See-- you have a "mission" to the bored!!! Love, mom

Anonymous said...


NHP said...

Great pics!
If you can post the recipe to the dish, please do so! We so love foods from around the world and strive to make unique dishes in our house.
Thank you,

Laura said...

Hi Natasha~ I posted the link, but I'll e-mail you the "real" recipe when my friend returns to Africa in March if you'd like.

Anonymous said...

What a great post! Emma has the same cute monkey pjs.