Tuesday, January 19, 2010

365 - Trying again

I actually took photos every day this week, but have discovered that the trick comes not just in remembering to pull out the camera but in taking a good photograph each day. So I can't say that I'm proud of each of these but it will prove again just how very ordinary our life is. Happy, but ordinary.
God helped me out a little here by providing a gorgeous rainbow right outside our kitchen window today.

Danny will try to tell you that this helicopter is for the kids, but I challenge you to ask him just how many times he's allowed them to fly it. Just look at that concentration! The ones of him "smiling" and flying at the same time were even worse =).

Oh how I wish I had a wider lens on my camera for this shot! I'm still getting used to my "nifty-fifty." This is Reagan's mama-I'm-jumping look.

Alyssa has begun a new love affair with Grape Nuts, and ever since I brought a box into our home she has been dying to make me the "par-fate" pictured on the back. When grandma stopped by this morning, Alyssa seized the opportunity and presented me with this lovely (and delicious) creation.

Another toy the very-handsome daddy enjoys every bit as much as the kids is a new Nemo PlayStation game borrowed from a generous co-worker (thanks Mary!).

Alyssa and Parker are nearly black belts after just two weeks of Karate - can't you tell?

Some of my favorite wedding gifts have been an assortment of Arthur Court bowls and platters. They're beautiful and impossible to break: perfect for taking cookies or a salad to a party, appropriate with my china and for everyday. So imagine my excitement when I found this beauty tucked back in a corner of a Bed Bath and Beyond clearance rack!


daniel said...

Haha great pictures!

Anonymous said...

The 19th is a prize-winner, but would say God helped you out with the precious lives in the other photos as well!! Keep 'em comin'!!
Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

Excellent photography, and exceptional subjects. Love, Dad