Friday, February 26, 2010

Everybody loves an award

And I'm no exception. It's still strange to me that anyone but my mom reads this, but apparently the very gracious Rebekah does too. She's given me the "beautiful blogger" award, which I'm sure must have everything to do with the cuteness of my kids or the design talents of Everyday Mommy. It surely has very little to do with my writing (or lack thereof). Whatever the reason, thanks friend!

I won't burden you with the requisite "seven random things," since I think my last post was random enough, but I will pass the honor on to a few of my favorites.

  • ErinLo was the very first blog I frequented. Her touching writing helped pass the time during our seemingly endless wait to bring Reagan home. Her beautiful daughter Selah lived in the same orphanage as Reagan, and their trip to Vietnam provided our first glimpses of the province that was our daughter's first home.
  • Christina (a.k.a. Mrs. Broccoli Guy) writes about family, parenting, adoption, and a great variety of otherwise mundane things in a compelling, insightful and challenging way.
  • Nicki over at Stepping on Legos is an intelligent, creative woman who holds many views that oppose mine. Yet in spite of our differences, I admire her skills with a camera, a computer, and especially words.
  • Merideth of Lawyerish was a tragic victim of the shut-down in U.S./Vietnam adoptions, but has handled the disappointment, and her current nearly-complete pregnancy, with humor and grace. Plus, she's a lawyer, so the girl can write!
  • My friend in real life, Anita, uses the Biedeblog to keep us all up to speed with the Lord's work in Malawi, document the growth of their precious kids, and to encourage us through her dependence on God in all circumstances.
  • Annemarie at The Day's Fashioned for Me doesn't post often, but when she does, it's a joy to read.
  • The Bex Files by Jessica documented their journey to bring Bex home from Vietnam (are you seeing a theme here?), and now serve to show just how fun little boys can be. Plus, she's posting every day this year, and what blog reader doesn't love that?

There are so many others I could mention, but the Olympics are calling! Thanks again Rebekah!


erinlo said...

I'm so honored and humbled that you would nominate me, Laura! Thank you so much!! It especially means a lot to me today as I was having a bit of a "loserish" morning. Thank you!!!

Annemarie said...

Thanks for the awesome award! One of my goals this year was to post more often, then January slapped us with some crazy sickness and well, maybe it will be my March goal. In fact, I think that I feel a homeschool post coming on! :-)

By the Brook said...

WOW, thanks for nominating the Biedeblog for an award! You're soooooo kind...remember what my brother said about my blog?
You know, I am a frequent reader of three-times, maybe four-times one day :)

Anonymous said...

Aw, thanks so much for the award!! I think your blog IS very beautiful - you have a beautiful spirit and it shines through in all your posts.

Lawyerish said...

Thank you so much, Laura!! This made my day. I love seeing your your spirit and faith radiate through your blog, and of course have always enjoyed reading about your awesome family.

Rebecca Pierce said...

That's very cool, Laura! I haven't checked in for awhile, so I have some catching up to do!