Friday, February 12, 2010

Snow, LA style

Those of you that are buried in the white stuff (which seems like just about everywhere but here... global warming, seriously?!), will likely laugh at the sad little patches we choose to sled on today. But then we weren't in the mood to drive to a real mountain (we Californians do have those you know), and we're looking forward to a few 80 degree days this next week. We've been able to see snow from our yard for several weeks now, and the kids have been asking us at least a few times a day when we get to go touch it. Well today was the day! As you can see from their expressions they were rather smitten with the stuff. Even when their fingers and toes started to resemble ice crystals (thanks to our pathetic excuses for winter wear) they couldn't resist digging in.


Willis said...

Don't you just love snow days? Rocco just saw his biggest snow...3 inches. Looks like you guys had as much fun as we did!


Anonymous said...

You're right, the gear is sad. But the smiles are precious--just like the memories you are making. Love, mom

Heather M. said...

HAHAH! Our gear is sad too! It looks like you all had a blast! Never seen ice skating without "ice"...guess I need to get out more! LOL! Looks hard! Cute pictures!