Saturday, February 20, 2010

Honest Scrap

I'm considering myself tagged by Lisa, a consistently candid blogger who challenges me to love my children, my husband and my God even more. Since even I am getting tired of photo-heavy posts, I'll follow her example and reveal a few less-flattering details about myself.

  • Most mornings we all sleep until 8 am. It feels rather indulgent at times, until I remember that Danny and I are usually awake and working until long after most of the world is tucked in bed. The night owl schedule works for us. Even Alyssa still says that her favorite thing about homeschooling is that she doesn’t have to wake up at 6:30.
  • If I see someone in a public place that I recognize, but either can’t remember how I know them or aren’t convinced that they’ll remember me, I try to avoid eye contact. This is something I’m working to change, as I think that Christ was likely much more friendly.
  • I eat ice cream every night. And not the fat-free stuff. I know I could probably drop several pounds if I kicked the habit, but I’m reasonably happy with my weight and don’t care enough to quit. Someday I know my metabolism will slow down, so I’m enjoying my vice for the time being.
  • I don’t vacuum. Danny knows it’s my least favorite chore, so he has graciously taken it over.
  • I don’t mind laundry, but I fold very slowly. Once the kids are tucked in bed and before Danny gets home, it’s my excuse to sit down in front of one of the many shows I enjoy that he doesn’t (What Not to Wear, CSI:NY…).
  • I usually eat more than Danny. Except for the aforementioned ice cream: in that category he gets the gold medal every time.
  • I think tax season is fun. I enjoy strategizing and researching our own tax issues, preparing returns for friends and family, and reviewing returns for pastors and missionaries through a cool ministry associated with our church. Yes, I used the words “cool” and “tax” in the same sentence. I’m that geeky.
  • I don’t love Facebook. I have an account, I have plenty of “friends,” and I even link to my blog here every so often. I think it’s fun to see photos of old friends, and it’s easier to send messages there than to track down e-mail addresses, but mostly I think it’s a waste of time. Do people really think everyone wants to know their scores on Farmville, or to be sent a virtual hug? I get especially annoyed when people project an entirely different persona online than they are in real life. Of course I have no problem at all with the time-sucker that is blogging =).
  • I rarely read. I was a huge bookworm as a kid, but aside from the Bible and the voluminous reading I do with the kids, I save my books for vacation. It’s not that I don’t love it; the problem is that I do! If I get started on a good volume, I can’t put it down and the rest of my life suffers. Yet I’ll devour thousands of pages in a week away.
  • I would love to live in Israel again. Not for an extended period, but maybe for a month or so. I studied there in college, and want my kids to have the same experience. My dream is to spend a year teaching them a scaled-down version of the history, geography and culture of the Bible I learned that semester, and then to go visit all of the key spots as a family. We’ll have to wait a few years at least, until they’re all old enough to handle the curriculum and the travel, but it’s definitely on our to-do list.

If you're still here, and not too freaked out about my oddities, post ten of your own. Let me know where to find you in the comments so we can laugh at each other!


Cherie Baker Vann said...

Laura, we sleep until 8 too! We are such night owls, usually Todd works until at least 1am, so I love that someone else does that too!! :) But as for Facebook... oopsie I'm an addict :)

Anonymous said...

That was hard to do. Don't think I could scale mine down to just ten. And they certainly wouldn't be that interesting, unique or industrious. Love, mom

By the Brook said...

I love your photos! Benjamin's clothing was obviously folded during one of your shows. Thanks for doing that and for loving on him. Love you guys!

Rebekah said...

I can really relate to the avoiding eye contact one. I am very bad about that. Convicting!!

I've passed a beautiful blogger award to you. You can see it here:


Lisa Spence said...

Somehow I missed you tagging yourself! I love your list. You lived in Israel? Cool!