Thursday, June 24, 2010


As we're scrambling around, collecting paper to bring another son into our family, we are thoroughly enjoying the boy who is already ours. Today my baby boy turns six. In those six years I've yet to get over my own capacity to love a little male. I think I've mentioned before how sure I was, coming from a family of girls, that God would give us only girls. How good He was to surprise me! Boys are different in the most delightful of ways. Parker is a perfect blend of tenderness and toughness. While he's the first to jump into the fiercest of wrestling matches with Daddy, I've never known a more affectionate caretaker of stuffed animals. He's very capable of making messes, but organizes his many collections with the utmost of attention. Every day Parker's similarities to Danny emerge with greater clarity, and I pray that he continues to learn what it means to be a man from the greatest man I know. My only fear is that Parker's maturing might result in a little less cuddling with and kisses for mama as the years continue to go by. Even that loss, however, will be bearable if it's accompanied by the love for God that He seems to be graciously implanting in Parker's heart even now. I'm just trying to convince him that six year-old boys are much more affectionate than five year-old ones. Do you think it'll work?


Anonymous said...

Boys are different - and I too was suprised at how wonderful and loving sons can be. Happy Birthday Parker!

By the Brook said...

Happy Birthday Parker. Bradley was showing us your fancy three- prong kick the other day!

Anonymous said...

Write on mama...I could read about him all day long!! He has blessed our socks off!!!

Lisa Spence said...

Yes ma'am, boys are different, among other things! :)

So excited for you and the newest blessing to come!

Tilly said...

I know that adorable boys' father pretty well...and he was always free with his hugs and kisses...even into High School. And I too, came from a family of only girls...and because of that I really did want to experience life through a boys eyes...and it is definitely different but oh so fun!!! I'm just glad that God allowed me to the experience the joys of raising both a daughter and 2 sons.
Parker is such a blessing to our is much like reliving his Dad...all over again!!!
We love him...and we love his Mom and Dad...for doing such an amazing job in parenting...not just Parker Vance, but Alyssa and Reagan. We are so excited to meet our newest grandson!!! I'm praying he has a little brother!!!