Sunday, July 01, 2007


Papa Chris has an addictive personality, so when he took up golf once my sister and I left home, he became obsessed from the get-go. He’s still a great dad and fabulous grandpa, but much of his free time is now spent on the course. Even upon retirement, he decided to take a job as a golf marshal at not one, but two local courses so that he can play without the pricey memberships. Of course, he’s now anxious to rope his grandchildren into the sport, so Parker recently received a real, albeit small, set of clubs for his birthday. This week we finally went to test them out. If Parker looks a little red, it’s because he chased after his ball each time he hit it! One hole took 45 minutes to play. Needless to say, we stopped after one or we would have been looking at a 14-hour round! Alyssa especially enjoyed “driving” the cart, and really wanted to take a ride strapped in like a golf bag. The hairdo she’s sporting is left over from crazy-hair-day at Vacation Bible School. I don’t think we have a Tiger or tigress on our hands, but the kids had a fabulous time, and the grown-ups did too.


Anonymous said...

You are the consumate chronicler of events!

Love, Dad

Elizabeth said...

Great pictures!