Sunday, July 29, 2007

Hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to work he goes…

After 10 weeks of “bonding” – yes 10 WEEKS – Dan has finally returned to work! While we all loved having him home, I can’t say that I was altogether sad to see him go. Daddies just don’t seem to know what to do with themselves after so much time off. His honey-do list complete, and his daddy-fun list checked off, Dan was ready for some real work and I was ready to test out exactly what 3 kids on 1 mom feels like. So far I think I’ll be able to handle it! The part I was most nervous about was running errands and even that hasn’t been so bad. Alyssa has learned how to buckle and unbuckle her own car seat, Parker can get his about half-way done, and Alyssa can help Parker unbuckle. So, the most time-consuming part of getting in and out of the car is become less so. Reagan is just a trooper and no longer even protests being buckled up tight.
It also helps that we have two sets of grandparents nearby who would wrestle one another for an afternoon or evening with the kiddos. Though we still don’t really leave Reagan, getting help with the other two here and there is a huge blessing. I truly can’t imagine raising kids without family. We get breaks whenever we need them, which alone contributes to making us better parents. In addition to that, however, the kids get input from a variety of parenting perspectives. My parents are very different from Dan’s parents, who are both very different from us. Together they fill in the gaps that Dan and my personalities and weaknesses leave for our children. I know not everyone has this luxury and I both admire and feel for those who parent alone. But I praise God that such is not the case for us!

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